Seems like we got ahead of ourselves, what with all of our songs talking about how great Seattle summers are; I think of the million and one songs called "Summertime in Seattle" (including the one I rapped on), or even Brothers From Another's breezy newish "Beeba Vision Part II" (find the video somewhere). Like, the weather gods thought we were getting kinda smug out here (late pass), and it was raining last week, and as I write this it's nice, but it's also fucking August. Do what it do, and go enjoy your life someplace with no roof. Like outside, for instance; coincidentally, where I wish I was currently, but, y'know, time to make the doughnuts.

Anyway, find some good summer listening on the fifth installment of Backyard BBQ, the mixtape series from my stromie dj100Proof (find that at While we're sharing, allow me to recommend Florida MC/producer Willie Evans Jr.; last time I saw this dude was a couple years ago at Neumos opening for Mr. Lif. He was rapping in front of a video projection of (among other things) himself, backing up his own vocals, playing NES games, and it was ill. Evans's latest album, Introducin', is raw, primordial yet futuristic, like all of the best hiphop ever; he's sort of like MF Doom if MF Doom cut the shit. Be up on it and you will be all the cooler for it. Also seeing action in the old iTunes is Before I Awoke, the debut album from LA's own Co$$. Named LA's most underrated rapper by the LA Times, dude works with Blu and Exile a bunch, and manages to blend classic Chuck Taylor talk-shit with an unmistakable West Coast underground headiness and optimism, for a new-millennium West Coast–rap vibe. Give it a spin. I'm here to help.

But what of the town, you ask? Let's check the stacks. Julie C, multifaceted activist/MC from Alpha P, Knox Fam, and more, released her Sliding Scale EP; I've never loved her voice, and on the first half of this EP her flow tends to be way lyrically miraculous and over-verbose, missing the beat's point entirely. Things get better, however, starting with the EP's best track, the BoomBox Massacre–produced "Gimme More," where she kinda comes off. Eastside scum Akrish has a new three-shot EP called #Aklife; it isn't, but there's nothing compelling going on here, in subject matter or presentation. Whereas somebody like the inimitable PDX expat in Seattle Luck-One has style to spare, just check "Can't Get Over You," the lead single off his rather boldly titled upcoming mixtape, King of the Northwest. Luck goes hard, but smooths it out admirably on this cut, so don't snooze on the kid.

Another rappin'-ass rapper (and occasional singer) would be one Scribes, who's playing over at Nectar Wednesday, August 10 with those Brothers From Another guys and "special guests," which is bound to be good times. Speaking of shows (at Nectar), Sonny Bonoho is doing one Saturday, August 13 with Neema and Latin Rose. Expect new joints from Sonny's upcoming Jermaine EP. One. recommended