Tuesday 10/4


So yeah, duh, this shit's sold out, but hopefully you were one of the Fast Freddies who grabbed a ticket. While their music continues to stoke the ire of some and the imaginations of many, the Wolf Gang remain unstoppable, their success manifesting in surprising ways: Tyler, the Creator's best new artist accolade at the MTV Video Music Awards, an OFWGKTA program on Cartoon Network, and the fearsome hiphop collective hooking up with Picturebox Press for an original graphic novel (Picturebox is one of the most regarded comics imprints out there, having released Lightning Bolt drummer/vocalist Brian Chippendale's comic stuffs. The publisher, incidentally, also mans the premier high-minded comics periodical, the Comics Journal, which is basically the New Yorker for comic books). It's hard to say if mere ink and paper will capture the intensity and insanity of an OFWGKTA performance or the psychotic potency of their recordings. The real question is: How will it compare to Wavves' comic? (Showbox at the Market, 8 pm, $20)


As someone who's been doing an obscene amount of vacationing lately, I can really appreciate where Vacation Dad is coming from. The Los Angeles–based artist may have recently retired, but as a parting gift he's posted two free, immersive chillwave full-lengths on Bandcamp, In the Shame Cave and ZOIO. VD will be busying himself henceforth with all of the FMLY's LA shenanigans. Listen to his recs while browsing www.dadsonvacation.tumblr.com and www.dadsaretheoriginalhipster.tumblr.com, and learn more about the FMLY by visiting www.thefmly.com.