Once a NOFX fan, always a NOFX fan—they are forever favorites, continuing to practice what they always preached in their snotty and pissed punk anthems. In fact, despite his own self-proclaimed status in the 1 percent (not surprising, as the always-independent NOFX have sold millions and millions of records), the band’s singer, Fat Mike, recently made an appearance at Occupy Los Angeles, treating the crowd to a 30-minute set. It’s an election year, things are being occupied—it’s the perfect time to listen to something that will light a fire under your ass. With Poison Idea, Old Man Markley, and Rat City Ruckus. (King Cat Theater, 2130 Sixth Ave, www.infiniteshows.com, 8:30 pm, $25 adv/$27 DOS, all ages)