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So who did Ms Minard blow to get her column?
On some songs before I could hit "next" the jam began and jam I did for I couldn't help myself. Interesting album that I'm happy to now have in my collection.

They are some perfect summer jams ("Bummer In The Summer" and "A House Is Not A Motel" come to mind) for BBQ's and sunshine if you can't hit the road.

Thanks for review! I love this column.

@1 I wonder...what was the point of your comment? To make Anna feel bad? To assess Anna's writing abilities? To add to the conversation? To just come across as a jerk? I can assure you that you have only succeeded at one (HINT: not the first three).
It was all three.
Such a good review. I loved the joy at recognizing Captain Beefheart, even if you hated Captain Beefheart.
'Love' was a Los Angeles band, noted for their
version of 'My Little Red Book'. Also see /hear Manfred Mann's version in 1965's "What's New Pussycat?"..and a nearly nude Paula Prentiss ; Youtube has it..
This is one of my favorite albums of all time. I'm so happy Anna liked it! Yay!
Brilliant review.
I have a plan to listen to all the records suggested in this column just to be able to out-snob my music nerd husband one day. Or atleast impress him with my great taste in music.

This column is my path to success.
Arthur Lee: Crenshaw's Finest.
my favorite record ever!!!
There is a DTS surround version of this that is worth finding.
And you're so right about the non-Lee-sung tracks. Blurgh on those lyrics!
Pet Sounds is more commonly considered the American Sgt. Pepper's. The Beatles even named it as one of their inspirations for the album.
@1: Your mom.
Over the years, I've grown from really like this album, to really disliking it, back to sorta liking it again.

What I'm trying to say is, this review absolutely nails it.
@1 It's sometimes sad that folks who haven't gotten laid in awhile scour the interwebs for the latest available blow jobs. (i.e. WHERE ARE ALL THE BLOW JOBS?) Too bad for you that everyone and their mom (and your mom apparently, according to @13) adores Anna Minard. Because she is THE SHIT

Love this column! As always
@12 Um, Pet Sounds would actually be the "American" Pet Sounds.
@1 YOUR MOM blew Anna Minard begging her to write this column, dickwad.

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