This flashmob, from about the same time, has a very similar feel.…
This was amazing! Thank you so much for posting it!
This is wonderful!
I had tears in my eyes by the time that was over.
LVB 4 the win.
More interesting than a bunch of people doing some sort of Glee event.

It does feel rehearsed and planned, though, and that has less to do with the music and more with the camera work, the waiting crowds of people sitting around like they know something is about to happen, and the girl standing in the middle like an actor with directions to follow. It feels less like a flash mob and more like a chamber orchestra that decided to practice outside for the day.

Which is just fine, of course. Maybe the world would be a better place if we had more orchestras playing outside. (Maybe it would just be noisier. I don't know.)
And that's why it's the Ode to Joy. Ah, Beethoven.
Shame the the bassoon didn't play its counterpoint line, that's the best part of the piece!
If you can call a group of professionals hired to celebrated the 130th anniversary of a private capital bank a "flash mob." It was quite lovely and a treat but these people were paid to be there. I'm sure it was very entertaining to the passers-by, but viral marketing does not a flash mob make.
@10 "flash mob" isn't some sort of sacred distinction. Flash mobs are usually self-congratulatory assholes doing thriller moves. This was a beautiful performance and if you don't think it deserves the elevated title of "flash mob," then so be it.
@11 I no where said flash mobs are "elevated". I didn't even imply it. I said there is a difference between a flash mob and an event organized and paid for as marketing. Flash mobs are usually non-commercial. Don't put words in my mouth just because you don't care for flash mobs. If you had any reading comprehension you would have noted that I said it was lovely. Learn how to read.
I fear I am a snob to I say I felt my heart break each time they jump cut past huge sections of music. Possibly the 25 most beautiful minutes of music ever composed, tweezed down to a digestible 5'40... I can't help but think if the musicians were in the driver's seat, they would have secured and posted an unabridged take. Do you not sense it, world?

I think one of the best parts of this is seeing the kids enjoy the music so much. It just reminds me how much kids should be exposed to instrumental and classical music, and given the opportunity to play a part in creating it, dancing to it, and reveling in it. Only then will our arts have a foundation for the future in adults who were exposed to it as kids and developed a loving (or begrudging if you ask a teen) appreciation for it. Thanks for posting this.

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