Music Jan 30, 2013 at 4:00 am

Cody ChesnuTT Saved My Life, Again

ChesnuTT’s appearance at the Neptune will be his second Seattle show ever, his first since 2002.


That song prompted me to pick up his solo jawn too. "B*tch I'm broke" was one of my fav cuts.
Nice work, Larry. Landing On A Hundred is just a phenomenal album.
great piece. but one correction, Cody played his first show in Seattle at the Graceland in 2001 or 2002. He was to open for Cherrywine but Cherrywine cancelled. This was before the smoking ban and when he came out on stage he asked that everyone smoking, please stop. Sure enough, they did and he sang with more soul than I had ever witnessed. That was an a amazing show. welcome back cody.
Great article. Im gonna check these albums out now.
@3 wow, right on. Thanks
great piece. I saw this in Everyday Music and did a "really? naw, couldn't be. . ."
Loved this. Been having a downer of a year, and it made me feel a little better.
I have an early version (promo only) of the Headphone Masterpiece that is quite different than the one listed on his discography.

Tried to get tickets for this show and it sold out while I was in line.

That said, great piece Larry. Hope you get to see the show.
Damn Jeff, I'd love to hear that.
it's one thing for an album to be stellar, it's quite another for the reviewer to be a stellar writer who convinces you with his quill to go forth and seek the album. Many thanks.

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