Music Jun 12, 2013 at 4:00 am

XXL Magazine's "The New New" Has Brought Misery and Madness to Our City

mike force


HAHA butthurt EGO's!
Make a list of rappers in Seattle. All #1. Problem solved.
maybe if they weren't seattle rappers and had more of a west coast mindstate they would win more often and be featured on more than just a xxl flavor of the month on seattle hip hop

I never understand why cats out here feel jaded. you are owed NOTHING in this game you earn it and you take what you get with a smile and move on.

its an entertainment INDUSTRY not a fucking feel good convention or special Olympics where everyone gets a ribbon and a smiling coronation of success.

crabs in the bucket is right and people that hate on this list are the zit on the face of seattle hip hop.

and thank god it aint KRUE this time.

but don't quote me boy I aint said shit!!!!

roll through and take a page from our playbook

206 stand up there was nothing wrong with the LIST

roman - forten aka the dude who was rapping in the central district 12 years ago and told trent to start playing for hip hop heads. he said he wasn't feeling "rap" then BOOM Saturday knights and don't talk to the cops AINT HATING AT ALL just stating facts homie everyone out here been putting in 10000 hours no ones special unless you work for what you want maybe these haters in the town should just realize that EVERYONE either raps, knows someone who does, or used to listen to biggie.

get a platform, do shows , get fans get signed EARN IT
UMM isnt this what Mizell wrote his whole article about last week?? SMH, Stranger. Chuck Strikes Again.
Krue gave the Saturday Knights their name and also invented scratching.
Did they mention Macklemore!? I really like Macklemore!
How about leaving everyone off the list. Seattle's rap scene sucks. Just a bunch of posers trying to copy everyone else. Yaaaaaaaawn.
Maybe if some of them could rap this would make more sense.
I think it was a great list on Seattle Hip Hop IMHO - SIC ILL
Hella Maze that used to do shows with Maklemore is back, and he's gotta be the best hands down. But there's a lot of talent here. I think people just get frustrated that soo many good people never get to shine, and so many wack ones do.( none from Seattle )

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