WED 7/3 & FRI–SAT 7/5–6


For eons, our simple queer calendar year has been, much like the pagan calendars of Western Europe and Rome, divided right down the middle and marked by two powerful, polarized celestial events—Halloween and Gay Pride. But not so anymore! Our strange homo axis has shifted, our twisted existence realigned. (Mostly, I blame drag queens. And global warming.) And in this New and Improved Age of Gayness, our year is now defined by two shining, polar- opposite points—holidays that have traditionally been left bereft of truly soulful and engaging meaning, marred by ideological confusion and rank consumerism, but now gloriously reclaimed by crossdressers and strippers: Christmas and the Fourth of July.

At Christmastime, three brilliant performers, known collectively as DeLouRue Productions, (Ben DeLaCreme, Kitten LaRue, and Lou Henry Hoover) stage the grandest, most engaging and entertaining Xmess extravaganza the world has seen since, lo, the Babe Himself was piddling on the reeds. It's called Homo for the Holidays, it's crammed to its crooked crannies with fresh (and naughty, and funny) songs, original (and sexy, and thrilling) dances, and enrapturing cabaret and burlesque (did I mention sexy? Man, does it get sexy), and it's busting with tight professionalism and top-drawer production values. It's the best thing about Christmas since Santa's fuzzy red sack. But we have more than six months before all that happens—a problem DeLouRue appreciates.

To remedy this sad situation, they kindly and wisely bring us Freedom Fantasia, which is everything Homo for the Holidays is, but minus the Jesus Baby and plus apple pie and star-spangled banners—a dazzling, be-dragged parade of glamorous Americana! And, most importantly, it features national drag superstar Jinkx Monsoon and stars its indomitable hostess, the Lady Ben DeLaCreme—Seattle's top drag performers in my, your, or anybody else's book. Some urgency is required, however—only three nights total to see this, the don't-miss-miss-thang show of the whole gay summer! Featuring the inimitable talents of Cherdonna Shinatra, Jamie Von Stratton, and Major Scales, among others. Do it for A-murika! Triple Door, Wed and Fri 9 pm, Sat 8 and 10:30 pm, $27–$33, 17+.