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One of the least understood and most talented rock artists ever.

Hole and Love as basic rock easily exceed that of Cobain, Nirvana, Sirvana and Al Yankovic combined.

Her last album was a powerful throwback to the great days of 1970s women rock like Heart. But contemporary.

But No one listened.

No one every does.
@1 "No one every does."

Truer words have never been writ.
Courtney Love is talented? Are you kidding me? She's a punk rock wannabe. Her constant and renewed efforts to trip over herself are obvious signs of that. When you're a mediocre musician (or just someone that plays an instrument every so often) you don't have to bust your own balls to fit the image of a rock star. Courtney is a shining example of: Low on talent? SHOCK THE FUCK out of your audience. Want to hear an artist? Give Roberta Flack or PJ Harvey a spin. Hell, even Amy Winehouse had more to offer! Courtney Love.....what a joke.
@3 Right on.

The only talent she has is getting away with murder.

I admit, I spent years after Kurt's death just hating on Courtney.. even though I liked some of her stuff. It didn't help that anyone who was close to Kurt seemed to hate her, too.. they all seemed to feel she was a toxic influence... And some of her stunts in recent years have been, uh, concerning, to say the least...

But lately I've been looking at her and her work through more of a feminist lens, and, I again have to admit, it's edifying. How much of our distaste for Courtney is still just discomfort with a woman so outside the accepted gender norms for this sexist society we live in? I don't know the answer to that question, but I'm finding it pretty interesting just to ask it...

Sadly, finances preclude me from tonight's show but I hope it goes well, hope everybody has a good time, hope Seattle shows up and (more or less) behaves itself... I'll be interested to read the reviews.

More power to ya, Court ~ rock on!
Never thought I would agree with Bailo about anything, but I agree with him about Courtney.

But I still aint moving to Kent.
"Live Through This" is one of the greatest albums ever. It is a perfect 10 out of 10. It IS. If you don't agree, you're wrong, and no, Kurt didn't write it.
Sooo..... Anybody see the show last night?

How was it??
I don't like her much but Live Through This is a great record. She can't touch PJ Harvey, but even she admits that.

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