Music Jul 31, 2013 at 4:00 am

An Interview with Masked Intruder

Mocking pop-punk while successfully participating in it. katie hovland


Opener is Sam Russo, not Sam Rousso Soundsystem (whatever that is). He's on Red Scare, along with Elway and formerly Masked Intruder.

Fun interview though. Super stoked for this show!
Fixed! Thanks for the heads up.

Tomorrow will be so fun!

Isn't this Madrid's worst nightmare come true?

What happened to the Yellow Intruder? Kicked out of the band? On the lam?
These guys remind me much more of Hermans Hermits than "punk".

But why no mention of the obvious Pussy Riot ripoff of the hats?

Actual real life girls (I know, that disqualifies them immediately) form a REAL punk band, wearing signature masks, and get arrested for it.

Bunch of spoiled white boys from the midwest rip off the obvious visual signifier, omit all the meaning, and make tweenie pop music, and become rich and famous...

Pussy Riot is still in jail.
Because Pussy Riot is the only band to ever wear masks. Also, getting signed to a label and going on a European tour =/= rich & famous. Please take your soap box somewhere else.
@5 FYI: Masked Intruder was being Masked Intruder before Pussy Riot got famous for their signature masks. Pussy Riot formed in September 2011, Masked Intruder released their first demo (in masks) February 2011. To compare the two--a jokey pop band to an actual powerful punk movement--would be insulting to Pussy Riot.

Also: We've written about Pussy Riot 10x more than we've written about Masked Intruder...……………………………
#5: Pussy Riot rip off? TISM did the balaclavas thing in the 1980s. It's also worth noting that TISM made a career of making fun of the types of people who'd form bands like Masked Intruder.
Oh kinda sounds like "Randy the Band" although a bit more twee :)

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