Capitol Hill Block Party happened last weekend, and boy was it a crowded buffet of sounds, sights, foods, drinks, elbows, multicolored bracelets that required a calculus degree to understand, crying, puking, and of course, ass shaking. Let's review, shall we?

• Day one of the CHBP featured an appearance from Mayor Mike McGinn, who's currently up for reelection. A woman was preparing to get her picture snapped with McGinn when another woman walked up and (apparently not realizing she was talking to the mayor of Seattle) said: "That's a totally boring pic. You need to be sexier, dude!" McGinn's response? "I'm the mayor. I don't do sexy." True to his word, the photo was not sexy. Phew.

• At the end of a very great Intelligence set on Friday, Lars Finberg, armed with his guitar, climbed to the top of the Vera Stage, impressing (and scaring the shit out of) the unsuspecting crowd.

• New Orleans bounce queen Big Freedia delighted the Saturday Block Partiers with her booty-shakin', wiggle-wobblin', short-shorts-wearin' backup dancers, whose backsides gyrated in ways we assumed were anatomically impossible. (Overheard: "It's just a muscle group I've never accessed.") During the hit track "Azz Everywhere," Freedia called volunteers from the audience for onstage twerking... everyone did a surprisingly good job—especially members of Rose Windows (whose riveting main-stage performance was right before Big Freedia).

• During local rapper Jarv Dee's performance on Sunday, he was joined by fellow Moor Gang members (including Gift Uh Gab and Nacho Picasso), as well as a live band, which included a guitar player who looked exactly like a young John Mayer.

• If Block Party wasn't your thing, the next best place to go on Sunday was Chop Suey's free Around the Block Party. We caught a most excellent Wimps set that overflowed with insanely good new songs and had bassist Matt Nyce continuously faking out the audience by almost stage diving. We also caught hospital-gown-wearing trio Child Birth's impressive set, which included such songs as "I Only Fucked You as a Joke" and "How Do Women Do It?".

• After the Flaming Lips' Disney-fied psychedelia ended, Seattle noisemakers MTNS set up on the sidewalk in front of the Comet to blast the folks who had crowded around them with earsplitting cacophonic joy.

• As Block Party came to a close on Sunday night, a very drunk man made a beeline toward a group of strangers. He announced that he had to work at 6:30 a.m., and then grabbed a woman's hand, put it near his butt, and asked, "Can I fart in it?" She pulled her hand away and said no. He then paused and looked away, stating, "I already did." He then offered to buy everyone drinks at Neumos before suddenly running away at top speed into the night. recommended