I agree.
it's just The Damned - pop punk before there was pop punk. why isn't she listening to PIL's 2nd Edition?

Save your money for the real thing...Richard Hell and the Voidoids.
Love it, and love that album. Surprised they didn't push Damned Damned Damned on you, which isn't necessarily a better album, but comes with a historical weight you may or may not care about.

@3 that comment makes no sense. Voidoids put out a fantastic first album, but... so?
Like you said, Anna Minard, you've been doing this column for awhile now. How about a special edition of your favorites so far?
Why would someone who thinks they know music, select "Machinegun Etiquette" For Minard to review? Did they want her not to like what she heard? Sure, "Smash It Up" is okay and was banned on BBC but even the members of the band think it is their worst album and felt the producer (some guy from Pink Floyd, I think) was not much interested and was just there for the paycheck. Why not "Damned, Damned, Damned?" You know, their FIRST album? The first punk album recorded in England? With the first punk hit single in England? The one people still cover songs from? The one with "Stab Your Back" and of course "New Rose" and "Love Song". Someone seriously out-clevered themselves here. Minard, go back and youtube the singles from damned damned damned and then decide. (also, I do not know if they were proto-juggalo, but they were, primarily singer Dave Vanion, proto-goth.
One of my top 10 favorite albums ever. I don't care what you hipsters think. Saw em in May in Vegas
MGE was The Damned's brilliant THIRD album which featured Love Song and Smash it up and was critically acclaimed. Music for pleasure was the awful second album produced by Floyd's nick mason that the band hate. By the way these hands is a take on a Marty Feldman sketch.
@12- I stand corrected about Love song and the album order. It has been a long long time since The damned came out, I conflated the albums.

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