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Lou Reed's Long Walk on the Wild Side Ends

Aaron Huffman


(her life was saved by) rock and roll?
So many were...
When I was 14 our local "underground" radio station had a call in show. My friends and I, thinking we were cool, called in and asked the DJ to play "In a gadda da vida" by Iron Butterfly. The DJ said, nicely, something to the effect of "good try kids, but I've got something better." He played "Heroin" instead and my musical life was forever changed. Thank you, Lou!
Here is Laurie Anderson's obituary written for Lou.…

Thanks for this article and for your emotion. I have loved the Velvets and Lou since the 80's and was hugely shocked and saddened to hear the news. In addition to the music, I guess I want to also celebrate - and I'm not seeing much of this - the Lou (along with that-era Bowie and Iggy) that was the badass icon ie both style and lifestyle. The studded leather collar and black nail polish, the bleach blonde hair and big square sunglasses, that fucking cover of Rock n Roll Animal! Seriously, you could write pages. Stuff like him living with a drag queen named Rachel, talking about her in interviews and openly dedicating lyrics and songs to her - even in the era of "bisexual chic", this shit was a stretch. The man didn't just write about the street kids and rejects and addicts, he was genuinely one of 'em. At least for a while.

RIP Lou. Miss ya already.


"Lou made the most of his miserable monotone voice"

Beg to majorly differ with you, sir. This is like people saying Dylan can't sing, who've never heard Blood on the Tracks or Girl From the North Country et al.

Listen to the sheer, unabashed love and joy inherent throughout Rock n Roll, my friend. The man can literally barely contain himself. "Aww they aint' gonna help me at all". "She doesn't beLIEVE what she hears all ..." "She started dancing to that FINE FINE music". It's nuts.

Same with Sweet Jane - those "ooh OH!s" He wasn't afraid to push his voice way high - he's positively giddy. The humor in that "wooh!" after "villains always blink their eyes", the wailing voice all the rest of the way through. God-like stuff.

Second verse of I Heard Her Call My Name - those Eee hees! Jesus Christ, man.

Cool It Down - "of COURSE ya know it makes no difference to me" and "DON'T ya KNOW you'd better ..."


Some of my own fave songs while I'm at it:

Lisa Says
Femme Fatale
Sunday Morning
Rock n Roll
Sweet Jane
I Heard Her Call My Name
Who Loves the Sun
Cool It Down
New Age
I'll Be Your Mirror

Hey man stay tuned for video from last night. Here's a few stills. Couldn't stay for the whole show. In Lou Reed's passing I see my own mortality. Gotta live life to the fullest every day.

Thanks for a night of Lou Reed, video coming soon!…

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