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I'm not sure why contemporary soul and blues artists don't collaborate more often, because those genres were meant to mix and mingle, and this B-side from LA-by-way-of-Atlanta soul singer Cody ChesnuTT and Austin bluesman Gary Clark Jr. makes it seem like the most natural thing in the world (and by soul, I'm thinking of independent recording artists like ChestnuTT rather than the more mainstream variant).

Nonetheless, it isn't the soul-blues fusion I expected, but a country-funk jam with a touch of garage by way of the fuzzed-out guitar (both men play the instrument, but I suspect Clark Jr. provided the fuzz). I'm even more surprised by the way their voices gel, since I never noticed a vocal similarity before. I wouldn't mind hearing them work together again, but for now this song will have to do.

Though ChesnuTT is on tour through the end of the month, Seattle isn't part of his itinerary, but rather Walla Walla (3/26) and Yakima (3/27). When I went to school in Walla Walla ages ago, artists of ChesnuTT's stature never came through town—guess things have changed a lot since then. Also, he'll be performing songs from the two-LP set The Headphone Masterpiece for the first time in 10 years.

ChesnuTT's Landing on a Hundred: B-Sides & Remixes is out now on Vibration Vineyard. Warner Bros. released Clark Jr.'s last record, Blak and Blu, in 2012.