VISUAL ART at the True Love Gallery

April 10–May 3 ('Mo-Wave kick-off and gallery opening April 10, 6 pm)

Narcissister: Wearing mannequin-like masks and merkins (aka pubic wigs), Brooklyn's Narcissister works in art and activism, integrating her experience as a professional dancer and commercial artist into her photography, video art, and experimental music. Her impressive résumé includes exhibits at the City of Women Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the Camp/Anti-Camp festival in Berlin, an appearance on 2011's America's Got Talent, and a self-explanatory costume titled "ASS VAG."

Frank Correa: Born in Peru, Seattle's Frank Correa has reinvented the standards of traditional photography, creating provocative and surreal utopian imagery in violently vibrant neon colors. His visual dreams are realized in a land where the human form is worshipped—and where his photo subjects seem to float and coexist with nature in a strange and artificial harmony.

Zackary Drucker: Transgender artists Zackary Drucker (who transitioned from male to female) and Rhys Ernst (female to male) documented their romantic partnership through a series of photographs titled Relationship that landed in the 2014 Whitney Biennial in New York City. Drucker uses photography, video, and performance art to disarm her audiences and "elicit desire, judgment, and voyeuristic shame."

MKNZ: Using drawing and painting alongside mediums like stick-and-poke tattooing, bodily fluids, and trials of physical exertion, MKNZ tests the limits of installation art in formal gallery settings. Also at Velocity Dance Center April 18.

MUSIC at Chop Suey April 11–13

CZAR1NG: Formerly called Moon, CZAR1NG are a feminist psychedelic supergroup hailing from Olympia and featuring members from the Need, Grass Widow, and Broken Water. (April 11, 10:15 pm)

Half-Breed: Ashley Nieves and Micaila Hopkins are Half-Breed, a Seattle duo proving that less is more with sweet and sandy pop music perfect for dancing off heartbreak or tiptoeing into new-crush territory. (April 12, 5 pm)

Sashay: Made up of members of Tit Pig, Deadkill, and Holy Ghost Revival, plus some really good hair, Sashay play '80s-style hardcore with a sense of humor. Don't be late—you don't want to miss their song "America's Best Top Bottom." (April 12, 6:15 pm)

Spear & Magic Helmet: A not-to-be-missed all-female/queer/feminist Gits cover band dedicated to honoring the memory of the late Mia Zapata. (April 12, 6:15 pm)

Carletta Sue Kay: Often dressed in a messy wig and ill-fitting frock, Carletta belts out sorrowful, strange, and riveting pop masterpieces. (April 13, 9 pm) recommended

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