This song was never obnoxious it was always awesome.
Totally down with this. Thanks, Megan!

Is there one single thing about this phenomenon -- thematically, stylistically -- that is at all different from Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy?"…
Go listen to Despicable Me 1 & 2 soundtrack, he wrote and sang a number of decent original songs. Its only obnoxious because Good Morning America likes to use it on their commercial bumpers 500 times a day.
I'm not a fan of this blog post because the world didn't need another "I'm a hipster and I've heard this before" and also because I can't recall the last time a hipster didn't have a blog about baked goods.
@5 You sound fun to hang out with!
It's simplicity gives it flexibility. It can be shaped to any happy situation. That's the beauty of Happy; it's for everyone, including happy dogs.
@5: I was trying to show this to my wife, but without typing the link out in a text, so I googled Megin Seling happy... I love the moose hat.
Whoever trained that cat to think it was just another dog that likes swimming at the beach has Dangerous Powers.

I'm impressed.
That swimming cat did NOT look happy.
I have never seen a cat on the beach, much less frolicking in the surf. I learned something today.
I want that cat. Or at least I want my future cat to go to the beach with me.
And to think we reached peak Pharrell in 2003-04. Gotta give credit to the dude for having more lives than, well, a cat.
Pharrell is never obnoxious, but I love seeing some happy dogs (and the cat looks pretty cool about it all, too).
I want all of em! Or at least to get a few more critters so my pack will be that big!
Its always so cute when Slog catches up to these Internet trends days later...
Finally, a cat worth owning.
Calling "Happy" obnoxious is a bit like pushing the "stop telling women to smile" thing. Sure, you may be on solid academic ground, but in the end you're still campaigning against happiness and smiling.

Surf kitty could go to 50 million views with some solo content.
@10 etc... "happy" cats do not look like happy dogs -- though yes, it did have a determined mien about it. The ears were back to keep water from splashing in. It was extremely well socialized and trained and I'm in utter awe. :D
@19 No. When you tell other people to smile, it's a social dominance move. If they felt like smiling, they'd already be smiling. Telling other people what to do with their faces is spreading obnoxiousness, not happiness.

If you want other people to smile, you can try to elicit a smile by smiling yourself, or by being amusing or entertaining. Or by doing nice things for people -- that will often get you a smile. But remember, it's only a nice thing if they actually want you to do it.

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