First: look at this picture. Just look at it!


Ishmael Butler, crouched by some grimy grocery storefront—causally holding two giant, glossy snakes on golden leashes. Wearing snakeskin print pants. There's really something strange going on here—I mean, when was the last time you saw a payphone? Yes, this is my big homie and occasional employer. I don't care, LOOK AT THAT PICTURE. This is the most badass flick since Isaac Hayes and his gold-chain vest.

Ish, I mean the Palaceer, can be heard on this new song from Shabazz Palaces, the first to be heard since 2011's monumental Black Up. It's called "They Come In Gold", possibly referring to reptile accoutrements. Lese Majesty drops on Sub Pop June 25th—you can preorder it now.