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.7ยข play, otherwise expressed as $0.007/play, not ".007 cents a play", which would have netted them not quite five bucks.
Vulfpeck tweeted on March 12th:
please don't "shuffle" sleepify. i know this might come of snobbish, but we spent a lot of time on track order.

Sounds very destructive and with no point.

Many artists make a good penny from services such as Rhapsody.

If these guys haven't taken the time to build an audience and create music worth listening too, then whose fault is that but their own?

Alternatively, they can put their own streaming site up and see how many people will give them their PayPal and credit card accounts and bitcoin wallets to which to charge.
@2 Fixed! Thanks for catching that.
now to fit in on the seattle scene
you've gotta do somethin' they ain't never seen
so thinkin' up a gimmick one day
we decided to be the only band that wouldn't play a note
under any circumstances
music's original alternative
root's grunge
Whenever I need it to sync a bunch of Spotify tracks for offline listening I just pick my favorite indie band and play their album on repeat all night with my phone's volume turned all the way down so that the app doesn't switch to "idle mode". I assume that Spotify pays artists even if the volume is muted.

Maybe we should all do this more often to ever-so-slightly bump up the pittance in royalties that small bands get from streaming services.
@4: Really? Who?
oh my god - brilliant
@8: The poster @4 regularly speaks out of his ass him no mind.
The estate of John Cage should sue them for royalties.
What kills me about all the coverage they're getting for this stunt is how few of the articles about it mention what a kick-ass band they are. Listen to Beastly:… or Outro:… and tell me they shouldn't be getting press for their actual music, not just their silence stunt. Jack Stratton is some kind of mad genius, and not just for coming up with Sleepify. And holy shit, Joe Dart.

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