I would really enjoy hating on that headdress guy. After he insults a culture he has to block the view? Fuck that guy and his bro stamp tattoo.
This is what you pay the $300 price tag for, an ass with racist headgear blocking your view and backpack mines, oh and those lovely people are going to be puking and screaming while you're trying to sleep while it's cool enough to do so. Several times a year the city has a mass exodus of these geniuses for a weekend and I'm reminded why I moved here all those years ago.
Whyyyy do so many people have to carry enough gear to scale Everest? It's just bad planning, and it's rude to everyone else. I've been to a shit ton of festivals and never needed more than the clothes on my back, plus I.D., a debit card, cash, a tiny thing of sunscreen, gum or a tiny toothpaste and brush, earplugs, and my phone, all of which fit easily in my various pockets.
Quit whining and enjoy the festival.
@4, amen. I agree with Mark Cuban that knowing what stupid people are thinking might be better than stifling it via the thought police. No one is perfect, and we need to keep discussing and challenging our assumptions. That kid might be some part native American. Maybe he's wearing it to engage people who assume he's not part native American because they think he looks 'white.'
Kick the bags, and call it dancing.
Put lead weights in the bags, laugh at people trying to kick them.
I thought the bags in the pile were free. You mean I wasn't supposed to help myself?
Hopefully the perpetrators in question will read this blog post and change their ways.
@5 I think it would be almost worse if he was really native. If it was a real headdress then it would be considered ceremonial regalia, the product of hours of labor and especially inappropriate for drunken head banging. Or did you mean he might be 1/32nd of some tribe he doesn't know about and that makes it ok?
It's the apache tracker! HE IS SUCH AN ASSHOLE.
@2 Holy cow, you sound like such a fun person. Thank goodness you didn't go to Sasquatch and have fun, like I did the entire time. Please stay in Seattle for all future festivals that have fun-loving people in it.

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