Music Jun 11, 2014 at 4:00 am

How a Denny Triangle Basement Is Elevating Seattle's Cultural Scene

Austin and Nicole Stone at their club Kremwerk (it means “cream factory” in German). Kelly O


I somehow forgot to mention that Sam Melancon and Rachel LeBlanc's great night of weird dance music, MOTOR, is now happening at Kremwerk. The next one is June 12 and features Container.
It will be mighty interesting to see how this venue, and that entire block fares pending the heaving development slated for the area. I wish them much luck, I love the venue.. and hope that the brogrammers don't overtake the spot. Cheers.
Nice Article.
Exciting. And it joins Amsterdam's Melkweg as clubs with names that honor the former usage of their space in the dairy industry.
Mother's milk!
Kremwerk is a gorgeous location ran by great people! Shameless Audio will be hosting a party celebrating our second release there on June 27th, featuring the mighty Deepchild. We can't imagine a better place to be doing it!
Their recent poster for their "asphyxiation wednesdays," featuring a person with a plastic bag over his head, is in utterly poor taste. I understand good art shocks and raises questions. This is neither good nor art. It is horrific. Have some decency, please.

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