I've always been an album person and I always will be. There will always be those who only want the gratification of hits, just as there are those who only want to hear the Ode to Joy but not the whole of Beethoven's Ninth, but the album is an artistic whole and is best understood by complete listening. But there's nothing wrong with listening to the best a group has to offer, and Ramonesmania is one of the best greatest hits comps ever released.

That said, I can't believe it took so long for the first album to go gold.
That's got to be a 100/1 t-shirt to LP ratio.
Best cuts: "I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You", "I Don't Wanna Go To The Basement", and "53rd & 3rd" (which is also the name of a terrific Scottish record label). Dee Dee was a genius until he fried his brain.
Ha! Mania was also my introduction, also bought when I was in high school, from a used CD store and based on name brand alone. It's also still the only Ramones CD I have. I don't listen to it much, though, but I do prefer their older songs. So if I was to get around to getting one of their albums, it would be an older one, like this one. I wonder how many of those records have been bought by slow growers such as myself.
@ 4, that may have been their label's fault, although I can't admit to knowing that much. I know a fair number of their albums went out of print (mostly early 80's stuff) but Ramonesmania came out at just the right time to capitalize on the CD market and let the nonpunk, mostly "alternative" audience know who they were. And really, if you have Ramonesmania, why would you need any of their albums? They really were a band whose LP's were just collections of songs.
Funny, But shhhhh. There's a whole lot of people who don't have a clue about the real world, and they're trying to make a buck. We don't want to disturb the system.
Sex Pistols had one real album. I bought it, and a Ramones box set. So, I'm not shocked Never Mind The Bollocks sold four or fives more.

53rd & Third is my favorite Ramones. Post 9/11, I worked across from the lipstick building. Dee Dee wrote it about hooking, wasn't he always fried?
I saw the Ramones play at a place down by the airport on Highway 99 called the 99 Club in 1989. It was the best rock show I've ever seen. The most curious aspect of that show was that the 99 Club at the time offered you the option of buying a ticket that included a steak dinner. I remember Joey remarking from the stage that it was the first time in his life that he had played a gig where a steak dinner was offered, clearly amused at the prospect. I wonder how many steaks they sold that night and how many were eventually thrown up?
@ 10, I have all the early LP's plus a few of the later ones, and have never actually owned Ramonesmania. But I give a pass to anyone who stopped there.

The Ramones problem is they are from New York.

New York rock bands don't get respect.


The first 4 (and best) ramones albums were issued on CD via the "All the Stuff (And More!) Volume's 1 and 2" compilations in like 1990 or something. All the Stuff (And More!) Volume 1 had their 1st and 2nd records and Volume 2 had their 3rd and 4th records. These were the 1st Ramones albums I got (Ramonesmania hadn't come out yet).

I'm guessing the sales of All the Stuff (And More!) Volume 1 don't count toward the 1st records gold status as it is a separate release. It wasn't obvious by looking at the CD art that these collections had the full albums (plus B sides!) unless you happened to already have the tracklists memorized or read the liner notes on the inside really close. It took them forever to realize that they could make a lot more money issuing the first 4 albums separately (now with even more B sides!)

So their earliest and best stuff was availible on CD, it just wasn't marketed properly. Thus screwing up the album sales for their 1st 4 albums.

@10 Mania was my introduction as well. Wore that out long before I went and found the proper releases.
Just looked it up, Mania only took 6 years to go Gold.
Blitzkrieg Bop playing at MSG in the Rangers/Kings game. CBGB's may be a shoe store, but the Ramones are not forgotten in NYC.
@13 pretty sure Mania was issued before "All The Stuff(s)."
"It wasn't obvious by looking at the CD art that these collections had the full albums (plus B sides!) unless you happened to already have the tracklists memorized or read the liner notes on the inside really close."

Truly, Idiot America at it's finest.
Also; confidential to that damn car commercial that lists The Ramones as kindred spirits for also having "started in a garage"—they didn't. They practiced in their loft in the East Village.
I wondered about that, @19. Not a whole lot of garages in New York, even the outer burroughs.

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