Boring band. Another wanna be alt band in a long line following the Nirvana success at the start of the 1990's. Record companies were giving record deals to just about any band that could slightly carry a tune, look 'cute' and act alternative. Thin, watery crap.
Loved them! Saw them while living in Charleston SC ca. 1995. Excellent live show. Charleston was a great place to see live music, after living in the upper Midwest for years, because people were so much shorter there. (More stereotypically polite, too).
For years, I thought that "Volcano Girls" was by Letters to Cleo, which clearly is some sort of ultimate 90s trivia failure.
Like them, love them, wanna be them.
I just discovered them through the miracle of Pandora. I haven't heard more than a handful of tracks so far, but I like what I've encountered. I had no idea I was discovering them so late.

Eight Arms to Hold You was the original title of "Hard Days Night".

Or does everyone know this...

@6 - It's the original title of "Help!," not "A Hard Day's Night."
Wow, Veruca Salt at the Tractor? I remember seeing them at The Gorge one summer with a couple of other bands at the apex of their popularity. I really loved "American Thighs." I was a little let down by the follow up album though.
They bored me when they were popular.

I never got along with people who liked them--though that probably wasn't much of a factor--and I guess those are the folks who'd be interested in this nostalgia tour. Can't even conjure animus towards the Veruca Salt fans I disliked. That was a long time ago. I almost hope they have fun.
WoW! These guys were mainstream tripe back in the day. Twenty years later doesn't make it any better. I can actually recall when the Stranger wouldn't even pay attention to this type of fluff.
I always thought Veruca Salt was boring, middle-of-the-road crap. I just listened to "Seether" to see if the track would benefit from hindsight.

Nope. It's still boring, middle-of-the-road crap.
O-o-o-o-ooooooo-kay. I'm embarrassed.
I should have figured this was a BAND!

I got all excited thinking about the atrociously spoiled rotten little rich bitch from famed children's book author, Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", and the delightful 1971 David Wolper screen adaptation (Mr. Dahl provided the screenplay), 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" brilliantly starring Gentleman Gene Wilder in the title role. Ahhhh, precious youthful memories.....

Anyway, although I haven't actually heard this band, I'll bet they're bitchin' good (recordings in stores? Tower Records?). Thanks for allowing me to reminisce, and everyone keep on rockin'!

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