Music Jun 25, 2014 at 4:00 am

Patrick Haggerty Looks Back at Making the First-Ever Gay Country Album

Patrick Haggerty and his band Lavender Country (top left) played Seattle’s very first Pride. PARADISE OF BACHELORS


Congratulations, Patrick, on your renewed success! I had the original album back in the day and I'm very happy to have rebought it in its new release.
Loved this, Emily. Thank you so much. And thank you, Patrick.
Wow. What a wonderful story.
Oh, Emily, thank you! I wouldn't miss this show for the WORLD.
Best dad in the world!
What I love about Patrick's story is how his gay themed country music was the natural result of a country boy just using the platform he knew best to tell real stories about real people. The irony of "gay country" isn't contrived. It's as authentic as gay couples getting married and raising children; simply being who we are. Congratulations Patrick on finally achieving the recognition you deserve. I wish I'd known about you and your music years ago.
Patrick was also one of the core members of Seattle ACT-UP and helped establish the syringe exchange back in early 1989. He's truly amazing.

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