Seattle-based Debacle Records today issues the fourth installment of its MOTOR series of unconventional club bangers with GOODWIN’s Ramparts EP. GOODWIN is Scott Goodwin, a former Stranger music intern who moved to Portland about eight years ago. Since leaving our city, where he primarily focused on the minimalist drone project Bonus, he’s gone on to play in the off-center dance-music units Polonaise and Operative (both of whom were relatively short-lived) while also establishing a thriving solo career.

Ramparts kicks off with the title track, an exciting and ungridlike species of house music, full of intricate counter rhythms and acutely warped textures. The other highlight of this four-song EP is “Framework,” which has a frisky, knocking beat, a melodramatic synth motif that out-moroses New Order at their glummest, and a cornucopia of crazy, arcade-game-like FX that integrates smoothly into the piece’s complex house matrix. Ramparts is a tonally and melodically advanced addition to MOTOR’s campaign to knock dance music off its mundane treadmill.