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Lese Majesty Is Like Echoes from the Future Ghost of Our Planet


Shabazz Palaces is the best thing to happen to NW music since Nirvana!
uhhh no they haven't
I am aware that manipulating language for political objectives and being a one-trick partisan pony are kitsch these days, but how is the writer's Marxism relevant at all?
Black Weirdos are the best musical movement since grunge, it's not JUST Shabazz... Thee Satisfaction and Chimurenga Resistance are just as good!
Sexism, patriarchy, bitches and guns. All there and endorsed by The Stranger.
Did I forget homophobic?

"My pleasure to soak the drops in the crashes
to melodize on top and soak the whole groove in blackness
then pour barbara a glass of chablis
baby watchin baby clowning mashing all these faggots"
And let's not forget the time Ish calls rivals "faggots" on "32 Leaves."

I guess he's lucky his name isn't "Ted Nugent" because then could you imagine the outcry at The Stranger?
you spent a lot of time looking for shit you hate in this, sugartits
@8) you do realize this album was produced by a gay man?
@10 or as Ish calls him, a "faggot".
@10 or as Ish calls him, a "faggot".

But good to see Charles using the "but, but I have black friends" defense of Ish's homophobia.
“My black bass player and my Mexican bass player would be the first to stand up for me.”

Ted Nugent, JULY 30, 2013
But not to worry, I understand your point, it's ok when black people are homophobic, sexist and bigots. Play on dude.
@8) you do realize this album was produced by a gay man?

I have faggot friends!
I don't understand this aspect of the review:

"By the time you get to Lese Majesty, Lazaro's words drift in and out of the Venusian mists, the cassette hisses, the computer cackles, the satellite crackles, the ghostly echoes of long-dead Earth. "

The vocals on this album are very up-front and clear to my ears.

Great listening, certainly -- but I would dig it even more if the vocals fit a little closer to the description above.

Charles - was there a specific track that triggered this thought?

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