On Sept. 30 Seattle's Debacle Records is releasing a 12-inch by local composer/visual artist Garek Jon Druss (A Story of Rats, Dull Knife, Tecumseh) titled Music for the Celestial Din. You can check out an excerpt from the 17-minute work below. This piece, which Druss originally performed at Hedreen Gallery as part of an installation (see the record cover for details) in 2013, is his most ethereal and transcendent work, approaching Popol Vuh-like levels of holy grandeur. The record comes with two radical, enlightening remixes by techno-noise luminary Pete Swanson and Chelsea Wolfe producer Ben Chisholm. You can pre-order Music for the Celestial Din here.

Press release after the jump.

Debacle Records is proud to announce Music For The Celestial Din, the latest offering from Garek Jon Druss. Best known for creating darker, dirge-style sounds as a member of Atriarch, Tecumseh, and most notably his project A Story of Rats, this new solo piece finds a different direction for the Seattle artist, with an intention to uplift and shift the mind into an expansive state. The LP will be available on September 30, as well as in digital formats on October 7th.

Side A is comprised of the track “The Celestial Din,” the studio recording of the audio component to a gallery installation held in the fall of 2013. Utilizing the frequencies 396HZ, 417HZ, and 528HZ based on their reputed human response, Druss has created “a sublimely keening drone that possesses an unsettling urgency, as if it's warning you of some momentous action on the horizon that demands your immediate and undivided attention” elucidates the Stranger’s Dave Segal. His non-traditional approach to score composition through the use of watercolor visual scores is displayed on the back cover of the LP.