Jen Wood has been a long-time staple of the Seattle music scene—not only does she have her own solo career, but she's collaborated with the Postal Service and Jeremy Enigk. If you're not already in love with her voice, her upcoming album Wilderness (coming October 14) will surely convince you. I've listened to the first single "Run with the Wild Ones" about 25 times this morning. It's lush with orchestration and subtle, playful electro bits—musically it sounds like orange, red, and yellow leaves swirling in the cool air against a blue sky dotted with big, pure white clouds. As the song builds upon itself with pulsating drums and swooning strings, the end bursts with an unwavering confidence as Wood sings "No matter how you try and fit me in, I'll always run with the wild ones." And with that, I have my new anthem for the season.

Here, hear: