Nobody in recent times has been better at keeping the sound and spirit of ’60s/’70s-era Terry Riley alive than Chicago’s Bitchin Bajas. Riley—the legendary minimalist composer who created In C, A Rainbow in Curved Air, Persian Surgery Dervishes, Shri Camel, and many other masterpieces—imbued his long, mantric pieces with deep spiritual resonances influenced by his study with Indian classical master Pandit Pran Nath, and coaxed out of his keyboards holy drones and bubbly, celestial tonalities. Bitchin Bajas (an extremely incongruous name for the cerebral music they make) tap into that exalted vein of tone poetry and, like their mentor, dole out majestic swaths of sonic peace in their compositions.

“Bueu” isn’t even the best cut on their recently released Bitchin Bajas LP on Drag City; that would be the nearly 19-minute “Tilanga.” But “Bueu” has a cool psychedelic video to accompany it and clocks in at a more blog-friendly 12:15. Like the rest of the Bitchin Bajas album, this track can make the most hardcore atheist feel like a benevolent deity created this dadblasted universe. Even if that thought is fleeting, Bitchin Bajas deserve manifold blessings for inspiring it.

Bitchin Bajas perform at Hypnotikon II at Triple Door, Nov. 14.