Great read; love Sly.
Definitely cool to see this get some attention. I had no idea about this label.
sly stone has to pawn his computer? somebody pay the man some royalties!
I'm so stoked on this comp.

@2 the most well known single on the label is Little Sister's "Stanga." It was a Top 40 hit in late 1970 and prolly why you can still find copies of their 45 for a few bucks. The group included Sly's younger sister, Vet Stewart.
I should prolly also say "Stanga" WAS the follow up to Little Sisters first Top 40 hit, "You're The One." As for "stanga" being the better know single, "YtO," in my experience over the last 25 years, is perhaps the less desirable of the two. I never see "YtO" or hear anyone being stoked on having a copy, at least not in record nerd circles.

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