Dusty Lips are an amalgamation of the Dusty 45s and the Country Lips. And Eurodanceparty USA is composed of members of "Balkan-inflected brass band Orkestar Zirkonium, the global-folk-pop duo the Lonely Coast, and the Eastern European Jewish folk-punk revivalist project Nu Klezmer Army."

I have seen the Lonely Coast before, and they are delightful. If you have lived in this city for any amount of time, you have likely seen a guerrilla performance from Orkestar Zirkonium whether you knew you were going to or not. Prom Queen just released the lovely Midnight Veil, which steeps her Dusty Springfield–esque vocals in their own share of Eastern textures. Enjoy below:

Do something nice for some kids who probably didn't get the same sort of breaks you or I did, and then get rewarded with a nice party as a result. Merry holidays.

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