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My Life in the Key of Stevie Wonder


Beautiful, Lar
thanks dude. amazing.
Preaching to the choir for me. Yes for anyone unfamiliar with Stevie's run of albums mentioned in this article please check them out. Bob Moog said Stevie was one of the first to really use the synthesizer well. He was so far ahead of his time and I still love his music unlike a lot of other stuff I listened to as a kid. Stevie is God.
Quite a story, Stevie had one of the great creative runs in history. It was equal to anyone else's "golden era's" Prince had a run in the eighties, the Beatles in the sixties and Elvis and Co. in the fifties. I happened to always love Secret Life Of Plants but it's no secret that the critics tore it apart and the public was perplexed by it. It was the kind of reception that breaks artist's hearts. Anyway, quite a story, who knows, tribal peoples have ways and cures which no one else would give credence too, I'd believe the cancer elixir story. First concert I saw was Stevie in 87 at the Key, I've seen many since, Prince, Bruce, Terence Trent D'arby but Stevie was the most polished vocally and musically. I'm gonna try to come up with some dough as I didn't know he was coming to town.
It's a goddamn shame that when most people think of Stevie Wonder, they think "oh, that guy who did 'I Just Called To Say (I Love You)' and 'Ebony and Ivory' and a bunch of other cheesy ballads."

Because there was a decade-long stretch there when the man was absolutely. fucking. untouchable. Most musicians would sell their souls, hell, sell their mom's soul just to make one album as good as "Music of My Mind", and that one's the also-ran of his 1970s output compared to "Talking Book", "Songs in the Key of Life" or (hushed tones) "Innervisions".
Thanks. What a wonderful article.
I don't think I qualify as a Stevie Wonder fan. I don't own any of his music, I've never even listened to a whole album by him. But when I'm feeling down and I hear one of his songs on the radio, it makes me feel better. His music is hopeful and it shines that hope out onto me whenever I hear it.

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