Salvaging remnants of a tragic, privileged life found in a dumpster. LOU DAPRILE (left)


Cool story!

I think sometimes coincidence is purposeful.
This story is a gem.

The Stranger could do with more of this sort.
Hard to believe lying down in the trash would beat sleeping in a carseat ... olfactory and all ... but thanks to Rinaldi for, if not being directly inspired himself, recognizing that there was a muse amongst the leftovers ... I hope the man is safe and I love this poetry.
I'm logging in for the first time in years to say thank you so much for this article. I remember Jason Webley as a Tom Waits accordian busker at Seattle Center and on the Ave back in the 90s. He impressed me and I'd always stop to listen and toss him a buck. We talked a few times, I always thought he was a cool guy and wished him luck. To hear about him all these years later is really encouraging. Glad he's done well for himself. This project is awesome and right up my alley, I love history and old photos and romantic tragedy. This is what art is really about.
when my neighbor died at 93, his kids came and cleaned out the house. sort of. they left every photograph he'd taken with his 2nd wife (not their mom) and ones from his youth. I kept the best - 50 or so. the rest went in the trash. hundreds of snapshots. i'm the only one keeping their memory alive.

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
Great story, and I love that last poem.
@3 - I had to re-read that sentence to get the picture, but I think the idea is that he'd find a dumpster to dump his stuff into in order to make room inside the van to sleep. Rest assured, Chicken John is, uh... quite a bit more than safe these days.
If you see this show, be prepared to see Jason dancing around with his legs high in the air during the reprise of the saddest song--and the only one based on events rather than guesswork.

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