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Need some professional advice here: I'm planning to see Inherent Vice over the weekend. I know it's a movie with much drugginess, but I hear tell that it's also got a very hard-to-follow plot and may severely tax the pot-addled mind. What do you say? Do you recommend seeing this film high? Thankx!
It's a lot of monotone mumbling of character names that seem to keep playing on until Doc S a) finds the guy who may be responsible for (what Doc is really interested in); b) the disappearance of the girl and along the way restoring player C to his home and family. The dialogue was barely audible (a few good jokes pop out), I never read the book and that's what my experience was like. Your ability to hear more of the witty repartee may enhance your experience. The Big Sleep it is not.
@1 - I say yes to weed! I have not seen Inherent Vice yet, but I bet if you smoke a Sativa blend (the kind that won't give you "couch lock") you'll be able to follow the plot AND enjoy the snacks (and the seats, and the visuals, and the walk to the theater...). I also find that drinking coffee while taking down a joint helps with the general focus. Good luck!
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