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NW Rappers on Gentrification


Well said... promise it's as if my same thoughts were miraculously mimicked for others to understand! This issue infuriateds me to the fullest!!!! I will never respect those who naturally and with ease embody what I call a sick superiority complex! regardless of the pale reelection seen in your pigment or the abundance of your bank account!

Thank you for speaking in my opinion honestly and to the point!

I have yet to hear a viable solution to the problems of gentrification. As another author has pointed, even remaining right where you are hastens the process. Big money has a pretty unbeatable track record.
Only solution I can think of is to prohibit whites from moving out of or into certain areas.
Gays and lesbians and artists should especially be prevented from moving because they improve their property etc etc and raise property values.

How do we deal with gay/lesbian & art types who are black? Should they be allowed to move into black areas? Or allowed to stay? Good question. I don't have all the answers.
"Build more housing", unsatisfying though it may be, is the only solution with any sense behind it - and not just here, but in underdeveloped cities all over the US. Cities are getting white and rich because there's not enough city to go around for everyone who wants it. Urban life is what the people want and what the people need.

Mudede has it right.
the solution is to stop renting and BUY PROOPERTY. amerika is a corporation, and if youre not a shareholder you dont get a say in the direction the company products develop. Black folk need to stop waitibg for the fairytales of"freedom" and "justice" to be handed down through government legislation and realize the only right you have in amerika is the right to get off your ass and go get some paper.

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