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On the Eve of the Seahawks' Second Consecutive Super Bowl, Seattle's Music Community Weighs In with a Resounding "Pro"

eroyn franklin


This is our 3rd Superbowl not our 2nd.
Heehawks no longer. GO SEAHAWKS!!
love ya emily, but ya didn't ask enough people. last year i got so tired of hearing about football this was my pre-superbowl playlist on my 2/1/14 Sonic Reducer broadcast, a buncha anti-sports punk songs -…

this year?
eh, i'm getting use to this stuff i guess
This "gang of punk-rock misfit weirdos" angle is so laughable.

The recent concentration of civic pride is because the Seahawks are the only thing Seattle has to be proud of these days.

I grew up here when it used to have its own identity before it turned into a nihilistic growth machine that wants to imitate New York. The rents might be getting similar but you'll never have the culture and diversity or the decent public transportation.
@4, I agree to a large extent (as a native new Yorker), but I think the civil pride here is more a case of people just wanting to fit in, of wanting to fit in with the winning team when they are winning, cause it's easy for social and friend approval--even for the so-called rock and roll rebels being quoted.

Seattle may want the notoriety and accolades of New York, but having the culture, diversity, and decent public transportation would take too much structural change and many of the natives deep down, fear change.

The Seahawks punk rock---please--cough 1970's Raiders--Tatum, Atkinson, Thomas hitting, injuring, knocking helmets off--they were more of the real deal.
I support the SeaHawks!
(but only because I want to make common cause with the working class, and not be accused of 'intellectual disdain' when the revolution comes)
IMO - The idea that a geographical area/population center as large as a city can have an "identity" is only plausible if it is organized around a singular subject [like a sports team!] that is a reference to our collective [insert term here].

The Seahawks are a great example. Fandom is a temporary phenomena with no real risk associated with it, nothing is really asked of us, and we are invited to the party without preconditions. The stakes are minimal, but the rewards can be pretty significant. You can go to a bar and yell at a TV set and, for some reason, you aren't arrested.

That said, Seahawks 31, Patriots 13.
It's a dreary time of the year, with the holidays being over and all, so the games have been a nice diversion and a good reason for a party.
For the first time the NFL will be airing a PSA on domestic violence during the game, so that is something:…

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