Rose Windows' Chris Cheveyo's Les Paul Guitar Was Stolen

Guitarist/songwriter Chris Cheveyo of Seattle psych rockers Rose Windows had his favorite guitar stolen from his living quarters on January 27. As he put it on his Facebook page: "A '56 Les Paul Goldtop Reissue #67361 was stolen from our apartment. Tell your music/pawnshop friends. Somebody has stolen my dream guitar from me." Asked if he could elaborate on the situation, Cheveyo said: "A construction company and building management had access. We were put in a hotel for a week while they worked on the apartment. They had to remove the floors to fix a leak. Came back on Monday to pick it up for rehearsal, and it was gone. I'm feeling like this is gonna be a lawsuit sort of thing. The two companies offered a combined $600 for it, but the guitar is worth $3,099, according to Gibson. This is probably going to get ugly."

How rotten—especially because it occurred right before Rose Windows' performance at KEXP's January 28 groundbreaking ceremony for its new location at Seattle Center. (See the January 15 Slog post "A First Look at KEXP's New Home at Seattle Center" for more information regarding that development.) If you see Cheveyo's beloved Les Paul ax anywhere (check my January 28 Slog post about the incident for a photo of it), please contact us at Rose Windows have been working on the follow-up to their 2013 debut album, The Sun Dogs, and Sub Pop is planning to release it in 2015. Rose Windows' next local show takes place February 20 at Neumos.


It was weird last Thursday at the Crocodile to catch flamboyant electro-goth rockers Grave Babies and see only one member onstage from the original lineup: stentorian vocalist Danny Wahlfeldt. The new membership includes two major players from the local scene, drummer Mark Gajadhar (Champagne Champagne, the Blood Brothers), who has replaced Keith Whiteman, and bassist Bryce Brown (Crypts), who's stepped in for Mitchell Saulsberry. (Saulsberry has an interesting new electronic project called Pacific Rim that you should peep.) Last but not least, the new keyboardist is Claire Haranda. At the Croc, Grave Babies previewed several songs from their next album (working title: Holographic Violence), which is likely coming out later this year on Hardly Art Records. They remain a dramatic, dark, and propulsive proposition. recommended