Bruce Bickford

(ART) Vermillion (1508 11th Ave), through Feb 7

I can’t think of many art forms more stoner-friendly than stop-motion clay animation. Seattle’s Bruce Bickford specializes in sometimes-grotesque and always-surreal moving clay that you’ve seen a million times, even if you weren’t aware. Plus, he collaborated with Frank Zappa from 1974 to 1980, which must be like a drug in and of itself.

Nearby snack: I know it’s cold out, but Bluebird Ice Cream (1205 E Pike St, Ste 1A) is right up the street, and you’re an adult with a coat. Order your favorite ice cream flavor and have a beer! Or have BOTH—they make beer floats! Uh, something something killing two bluebirds… Ha.

Seattle Improvised Music Festival

(MUSIC) Chapel Performance Space (4649 Sunnyside Ave N), Thurs–Sat Feb 5–7

Soak up three days of far out (is “far out” still an expression? If not, I’d like to respectfully bring it back) experimental music during Seattle’s 30th annual Improvised Music Festival. Cellist Lori Goldston and vocalist Jessika Kenney (both Stranger Genius Award winners in music) will be there, plus many more delightful wackos marching to the beat of their own trombones, guitars, clarinets, electronics, harps, and other items you can make sounds with.

Nearby snack: The Taco Time in Wallingford (2212 N 45th St) is the nicest Taco Time in all of Seattle and looks like it was designed by Rem Koolhaas. Get the Mexi-Fries (also known as Tater Tots) and a crispy bean burrito.

Zulu Throwdown Championships

(EVENT) Washington Hall (153 14th Ave), Sat Feb 7

In honor of the 11th anniversary of the 206 Zulu Nation, hiphop legends and enthusiasts are celebrating with a weekend full of music, art, and dance. Check out the Zulu Throwdown Championships if you want to see some impressive breaking (HOW ARE THEY DOING THAT?) from the region’s best b-boys and b-girls.

Nearby Snack: Blue Nile (456 12th Ave) is my favorite Ethiopian spot in Seattle, and it’s low-key and inexpensive. The vegetarian platter is enough food for two no matter how high you are.

Mystery Book Exchange

(BOOKS/EVENT) Phinney Books (7405 Greenwood Ave N), Sat Feb 7

Marijuana + reading = a solid winter activity, as long as the book isn’t so dense you reread the same damn sentence over and over. Enter: the mystery genre. Do you have a couple mystery books you’re sick of? A hankering for more mystery books in the price range of $1 to $2? A wish to meet fellow mystery readers? Trade books, buy books, and interact with people outside of your house.

Nearby snack: Yanni’s (7419 Greenwood Ave N) is a great little Greek place that’s more than 30 years old and was the first Seattle restaurant to be on Kitchen Nightmares! I love that show! Try the spanakopita and think about what the world would be like if Gordon Ramsay hadn’t injured his knee in the beginning of his soccer career.

Sixth Annual Chocofest

(CHOCOLATE/BOOZE) Pike Pub & Brewing Company (1415 First Ave), Sun Feb 8

Chocolate and booze! Do some THC with someone you love or tolerate and take them down to Pike Brewing Company to experience “a vast array of chocolate and alcohol designed to be consumed together.”

Nearby snack: Chocolate and booze, I said! recommended