Quasi-legal, informal, noncommercial performance spaces like the Josephine are so important to a healthy arts/music scene and Seattle, unfortunately, is a city not very conducive to these kinds of places. It's just too expensive, commercial and crowded. I was so happy that the Jo was here but also agree that its demise was inevitable.

Makes me want to move to Baltimore... or at least Tacoma.
some of my favorite shows ever were graciously hosted by the residents there. sad to see it go, especially since it's one of the longest running spaces around. hope those that want to keep booking from that space can continue to do so. they were a stronghold of Seattle's stellar underground sounds and will be sorely missed.

It's a real shame, but not terribly surprising. The Josephine was a really special place, and it was incredible that it held together for so long, but everyone always knew her days were numbered. The tragedy is that it seems to have been the very LAST of its kind in Seattle. There was a time when quasi-underground clubs were everywhere in this town. Today I'm hard pressed to name even a single survivor.
This town is becoming like a ghost town All the clubs have been closed down.…
The Jo rose from the ashes of the SS Marie Antoinette; I don't see those people giving up. And word has it a couple new spaces are opening in the spring. This scene is vibrant, resilient, and resourceful. This is the nature of DIY--we make our own fun and adapt to change. We will survive and keep on going.
Eric Grandy strikes again!
There's still rad places here for awesome weirdness, like Black Lodge, Gallery 1412, and Hollow Earth Radio. Squall happens monthly at Kremwerk. Occasionally at Highline. And a new unlikely place where noise wackiness has been happening is Full Tilt in White Center. We still have the power to define and create our own spaces. Sure, this city's changing, but it always has. We can adapt. Thanks for the memories, Josephine, but your spirit will live on and i know something new will rise up.
Such a shame, a truly one of a kind venue. They should have a kickstarter, get the building up to code and incorporate as a church; pagan celebrations of music and libation to be held regularly.
word, @16334578 #7

if anyone from the josephine wants to book things with hollow earth, come on down :)
Great comments 16334578. I'm showing my age and cynicism - I like what you're showing better. Thanks for the reminder that the city still has plenty of life in it.
Huge thanks to the residents that opened up their home, the promoters that booked the space, the bands that played their, the volunteers that ran shows (and even stocked it with a few pinball games) and everyone that attended and supported the shows. I only went to half a dozen shows there, but all of them were great fun and I loved the vibe, I love house shows and underground venues and I'm sure more will pop up with the same spirit, adventure and artistic and musical freedom that larger rock clubs and bars can't quite provide.
This space has been around much longer than 2011... dating back to the Sun City Girls and Estradasphere. I have some old footage from back when it was just the "608 Warehouse" when Amanda Palmer and Estradasphere performed (some members of Estradasphere inhabited the space):…
Sorry - the link didn't post in my comment above. Just visit, click on "playlists" and then "608 Videos". :)
Didn't know there was any video / record of that Midday Veil song -- "Neon Cobra," it was called. I totally forgot about it! Thanks for posting, Dave!
@12 I know. I simply noted that Stahl and Mendez got heavily involved with the Josephine in 2011.
I can't imagine any other space would have hosted Fabulous Diamonds and for that I am grateful to The Josephine. Hard as it is, I'm hopeful that the underground will find more venues. It always does.
The loss of these kinds of venues is killing the DIY art/music scene in Seattle. Save Our City!
This f****ing sucks!! I loved these shows! Nothing like them anywhere...

The Summit Inn is raising rents so high that there will be no more Summit bock parties. Such a shame! What is happening to the Emerald City? Independent artists & musicians being kicked to the curb while the culture is suffering tremendously.…

Contact Mayor Ed Murray & Seattle City Council members. Where are artists supposed to live in Seattle!?? On the streets?

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