Meh, both rip off SNL's Land Shark :P
Besides that, why in the hell in any sense of the word is Katy Perry a "superstar"? Her songs in the SB show SUCKED ...are those her best? ...another bland, talent-free hack.
Kooky beach themes are a dime dozen so I'm not buying it... but as an attorney, I will represent you if it means a KP\Tacocat duel bill (I would have started out demanding a duel headlining deal. Negotiations 101: never open low...always aim high).
Your demands seem reasonable. Your move, Ms. Perry.
I love the purple rinse in the video. I think Hot Dog on a Stick has a better case about the color blocking of KP's outfit. But she needs supporting acts so self-promote.
Nobody owns sharks, Taco Cat!
That being said, your music is better than Katy Perry, and you should have been on TV instead of her.
Nobody would even remember that halftime show today if Left Shark hadn't been such an adorable fuckup.
If you were going for the general idea of a beach theme and wanted big costumes, I don't know what else you could come up with. Some lame under the sea shit?
haha...i love tacocat so hard! keep on tacoing cats forever!
I really don't think they have a complaint. Campy beach scenes are derivative of Frankie and Annette movies from decades ago. The various surfboards, trees, balls, and sharks are derivative of Sid and Marty Croft stuff from the 1970's.

Do we really need to build a catalogue of everything these two bits might have borrowed from in the past? Is Tacocat going to fork over funds to Rammstein (… or the Go-go's for campy rear-screen surf scenes?

Plus, the aesthetic of the two are really not similar. Guy in a shark suit. That's basically all they've got.
That's no googly eyed palm tree, that's Mr. Hanky.

"Hi dee ho! I'm dancing in the Superbowl!"
I'm apoplectic that such horrid hacky talentless throwback schmaltz gets so much attention. Also Katy Perry sucks.
It is a cruel world that allows Katy Perry to play for the Superbowl but not Gwar.
Ms. Perry's sharks were clearly retro 1960's cartoon sharks. They were much more cartoon sharky than Tacocat's sharks.

Tacocat's sharks are geek-hipster sharks, a completely different fish.
Kill her.
The Katy Perry half time show was like a "worst of Eastern European entries to Eurovision" reel. It made Uzbeki pop videos look sophisticated.
seems legit
I had no inclination to watch the Tacocat. Thanks for the suspected comparison.
Actually, Katy Perry owes *everyone* a formal apology for musical crimes against humanity. Ripping off Tacocat? notsomuch
I'm loving the commentary! Sharks rule, Tacocat is legit, Katy Perry sux
I give Tacocat credit, that is a good song..

However, it looks like they ripped off "Mein Land" video…

Who ripped off, Annette and Frankie who ripped off and so on and so on.....
Agree that Tacocat is about a million times better than Katy Perry, but have to give Katy Perry a pass on the theme. As many have stated, beach themes are a dime a dozen.

Besides, what's good for the goose...

When I saw the cover for Tacocat's album NVM the first thing I thought of of the amazing circa 2000 album Maryland by the NZ band Mary.…

Left Shark could always audition for the cast of the next Sharknado movie.
I was there.

And I'll never be able to live down the shame of going to a Katy Perry show.
I had the idea of a video where a bunch of hot chicks dance around in slutty schoolgirl outfits.

Pay up, Britney.
This is the same woman who rode to fame on the backs of a song ripped off from Jill Sobule, written (in part) by one of the same writers who wrote for Sobule. So whatever, a shark-like similarity, YAWN.

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