Three benefit shows for the recently defunct Josephine performance space will be taking place February 26-28. On Thursday, February 26 at Kremwerk, Wrtch, Marcus Price, DJ Explorateur, and Blue Sabbath Black Cheer play an early show (6 pm). On Friday, February 27 at Lo-Fi, Geist and the Sacred Ensemble, Bone Cave Ballet, Future Fridays, and Werebearcat perform at 9 pm (more info here). Finally, on Saturday, February 28 at Hollow Earth Radio, the lineup includes Lori Goldston, Queen Shmooquan, Robert Millis (Climax Golden Twins), FINGER, and Mindie Lind with Abakis (more info here). Each bill is stacked with the sort of adventurous, left-field acts for which the Josephine was low-key famous. Asked for an update regarding the Josephine's progress on finding a new location, booker Malaki Stahl said, "We have not found a new spot; the search is likely to take a while. The series itself is basically developing a legal fund for pursuing legitimate standing, or in case the city decides to further penalize us for past actions."