'Bell Jar'

(ART) March 12–April 2, Ghost Gallery (504 E Denny Way)

Thursday marks the opening of the first Bell Jar installment in an eight-month series curated by Ghost Gallery. It's a group show that will feature female-identifying artists creating works that incorporate the bell jar (as in, the "traditionally protective, sheltering vessel for objects considered fragile and/or precious, or meant for closer scientific study").

Nearby snack: In the Bowl (1554 E Olive Way) offers a long and winding menu of vegetarian Thai-ish fair—noodle dishes, rice dishes, curries, those little rice-flour pancakes, and much more.

Ides of March Dada Masquerade

(ART/MUSIC) Sun March 15, Lo-Fi Performance Gallery (429 Eastlake Ave E)

I guess March 15 is noteworthy enough for a party (et tu, Lo-Fi?), especially if the party offers art (a pop-up gallery with artwork by Marc Tween, Anne K. O'Neill, and more), music (the Family Curse and Caligula Cartel are playing), and an opportunity to wear COSTUMES! Attendees are encouraged to wear masks and/or dress up however they see fit! A comment on this Facebook event page simply says: "[Name redacted], this is our chance to be a horse in a wheelchair."

Nearby Snack: I dare you to go to 13 Coins (125 Boren Ave N) dressed as a horse in a wheelchair.

The Vertiginous Thrill of Forsythe

(DANCE) March 13–22, McCaw Hall (321 Mercer St)

The word "vertiginous" is defined as "Causing vertigo, especially by being extremely high or steep." Being extremely high, you say? Perfect. What's vertiginously thrilling here is that the controversial choreographer William Forsythe has made a different kind of ballet—a faster, more provocative one with refreshingly weird costumes. Possibly a game-changer for those who like the idea of dance but aren't sure if they can sit through a traditional ballet.

Nearby Snack: The Five Point Cafe (415 Cedar St) is open 24-7 for all your traditional-diner needs, including the must-order Beecher's Deep Fried Cheese Curds (with garlic aioli!), should you need something to offset the fact that you're now the kind of person who goes to the ballet.

Porter Ray, JusMoni, Astro King Phoenix, OCnotes

(MUSIC) Fri March 13, Hollow Earth Radio (2018 A E Union St)

Everyone on this lineup is High List™ approved, but make sure you catch Porter Ray. A Central District native and fairly new Sup Pop signee, Ray is an effortlessly talented rapper whose fluid poetry narrates bleak themes (death, drug dealers) with a chillness beyond his years. His 2013 track "Blackberry Kush" should be the soundtrack to your pre-func this evening.

Nearby snack: Not only is Uncle Ike's pot shop right down the block on 23rd and Union, they often have a GRILLED CHEESE TRUCK parked outside! It's a blue truck called the Grilled Cheese Experience; check their schedule on Twitter @wheelsofcheesxp.

'Faerie III'

(ART) March 17–April 3, Krab Jab Studio (5628 Airport Way S, Suite 246)

Yeah. Yep. You know what? Faerie paintings are fucking cool. Especially when you spell it that way, the way that indicates you're dealing in real faeries, not some watered-down, Disney-fied appropriation. Get down there and let your faerie-painting flag fly.

Nearby snack: People who love burgers go nuts for Zippy's Giant Burgers (5633 Airport Way S). It's retro but it's also fresh. Get a no-frills burger, or knock yourself out with the addition of Spam, egg, or grilled pineapple. recommended