"What does this mean for us as listeners? We're being pushed into a corner where we'll need to pay up, or be subjected to an increasing number of ads."

So you don't want to support the artists you listen to with your money? How the fuck do you think they can keep making music if you don't pay for it?
Calling Corgan "Corgi" is a pretty funny spellcheck error.
So the future of music is to sell out to whatever corporate advertiser has cash on the table? That doesn't bode well for art or humanity.
spin on "Make Love, Not War"
-Make Music, Not Money-

brought to you by some type of Apple Corporate kitschy advertising slogan happy ad man salaried
i heard from a promoter friend that royal trux is making $100,000 for playing this show. more "walkin' around" money?
still, a great american band- i'd love to see it.

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