Joey Brings Us Billie

For an excruciating way too long, we poor, sad Seattle 'mos have been deprived of the singular grace and inimitable talent of the living legend that is New York City's celebrated man chanteuse (manteuse?) Joey Arias. Well, we shall be forced to tolerate this foolishness no longer! Tonight, Joey returns to us for a one-night-only tribute to his inspiration and muse, Miss Billie Holiday—whom Mr. Arias has spent his career "channeling" flawlessly. The New York Times has raved about this show, and it's already enchanted audiences from London to Mexico City. But tonight? Joey is ours, all ours. The Triple Door, 7:30 pm, $25, all ages.


A Pageant of Bacony Herstory

It's a brand-new day for our old friend Bacon Strip this Pride, and it's back with a whole new theme: "herstory" pageants! Sylvia O'Stayformore and the Bacon Strippers are specifically celebrating the undeniable but often (tragically) unsung contributions of drag queens, deviants, delinquents, and fringe performers to all things Pride-y and gay. She's paying tribute to the progression of Pride through the eyes of drag! Sylvia and Honey Bucket will be hostessin' with the mostessin', and they will be joined, per usual, by the lovely James and Kerry Darling, in addition to some newer friends, including Devon Blakk and the picturesque Aunt Betty Malone! Theatre Off Jackson, 8 pm, $15 adv/$20 DOS, 21+.


A Dirty Birthday

We haven't been to the Eagle much lately, and I can't say I minded the break. (Since Kevin Kauer came crashing in with his splendiferous docket of naughty parties and saved the place from almost certain extinction, I, for one, have practically lived at the dirty ol' bird—I'm surprised they haven't charged me rent.) Tonight, we return for the one-year anniversary of Kirk Calvo's schmexy signature event, AREA 2181! Hankie code will be in full effect. The Eagle, 9 pm, $5, 21+.


Game, Set, Match

Tonight marks the end of the current season of the good old Match Game. Our lives will be ever so bleak without the mad cast of characters BLANKING us in the BLANK. Instead of a moment of silence, they are going out with a big, gay bang—a Match Game Gay-ah-Palooza if you will. Waxie Moon and Imogen Love are joining Gary Gloryhole, Nelson Heston Riley, Lu Ying, and Richard Rugburn to give us the gayest Match Game that ever gayed. Re-Bar, 7 pm, $10, 21+. recommended