Polvo changed Tim Basaraba’s life. James Toohey


If you have to announce in a newspaper that "WE'RE UNDERGROUND" - then you're not underground. Their marketing is corny. Area 303 is corny.
yes, more venues, please
If they'd actually answer their emails about booking enquiries, only then do they deserve any attention. If they are truly a bastion for underground music, then they shouldn't decide to ignore the underground that's knocking at their door.
Every email sent to substationbooking@gmail.com has been replied to. Excited to book your band.
TBASA`s gonna do good by this place well, very glad to hear this.
TBASA`s gonna do good by this place,very glad to hear this.
I was going to troll this comment thread, but I don't know how... TBASA wears good t-shirts.
Tim, I knew you'd perfect for this place!! and they have BIG GIN! Substation is the shiz!!
theZimTroll is the most horrifying of all trolls
I saw TBASA play last friday. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen. Radiohead, Tchkung!, Beck, Pearl Jam, Tool, Omar Torres, but never have I seen something that made me sprint to the stage until last friday. He looks like invader zim and Flea's love child. He jams so hard on his bass I couldn't get my eyes open wide enough. Substation was the most important place to be in all of Seattle last friday. See him!

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