31 tracks that embody Capitol Hills diverse, underground spirit.
#LOVETHEHILL provides a vivid snapshot of Capitol Hill's diverse musical underground.

If you read Trent Moorman's piece about #LOVETHEHILL, you know about the interactive installation going up on Broadway between Pine and Pike. It surveys the transformations that Capitol Hill has experienced over the last 30 years and chronicles the effect accelerated development and gentrification have had on the neighborhood. Now there's an accompanying soundtrack, titled simply #LOVETHEHILL.

Curated by Gregory Smith (aka DJ and producer Terry Radjaw), with significant help from KEXP Audioasis DJ Sharlese Metcalf, #LOVETHEHILL is a 31-track album featuring musicians from Capitol Hill and its vicinity. The compilation offers a compelling cross section of the scene's underground activity. "Some tracks are directly about the neighborhood and others embody the spirit of the neighborhood," Smith says. "This is our chance to showcase all the different music and personalities that live here."

There are too many highlights on #LOVETHEHILL to document them all, but here are a handful: Black Whales' gently ebullient psychedelia; Blood Drugs' rough-hewn thug rock; Chastity Belt's gorgeous, pell-mell melancholia; Gazebos' tastefully garish glam rock; Katie Kate's stark, haunted R&B; King Snake's brain-boggling, neo-jazz-fusionoid electro; Midday Veil's rhythmically complex, beautiful space rock; OCnotes' slithery, cha cha-inflected electro; Tacocat's perfectly compact sunshine pop "Bridge to Hawaii"; UBU ROI's reckless, ruggedly tuneful rock; Vox Mod and Whitney Lyman's insatiably amiable ravetronica; and Wimps' acerbic, punktual critique of the new, unimproved Capitol Hill, titled "Capitol Hill."

Listen to the whole thing below.