I know it is hard to believe, but the 2nd woman from the left is Joan Jett. Love ya, Sean!
Indeed you are burning dude, what a monster.
Guh, just finished reading this. What struck me most was simply the ability of so many people, first-hand witnesses to the rape of a young intoxicated-to-the-point-of-immobility woman, to just sit there and not respond; to actively avoid responding in fact, what one commenter characterizes as "bystander syndrome". I would just hope that, were I ever to find myself in a situation similar to the one described that would be able to act differently than all those people did when Ms Fuchs was being sexually assaulted in their presence.

And yeah, monsters can be talented and charismatic; but that doesn't mean they're not still monsters...
Her story wasn't unknown, just unpublicized. In the documentary "Edgeplay: A Film About The Runaways," directed by fellow band member Victory Tischler-Blue, Jackie and other members of the band (Joan Jett did not participate in the documentary) tell how Fowley gave them drink and drugs and had sex with them when they were all underage. Unfortunately, the film was little seen (I caught it on DVD). I wonder if Fowley, who is actually interviewed in the doc, still had enough juice to make sure it didn't get seen in any substantial way back in 2004.…
We need to stop letting rapists have anything called "charisma" they way we might allow with property crimes, say. A wink might be okay from a bandit or a smuggler, but a rapist should b3 considered a homo sacre -- a non-person -- not some kind of Don Giovanni who is somehow *heroic* because they refuse to repent.
Judging by his 2012 autobiography, it sounded like he was in severe pain as he was dying from bladder cancer, so if you do believe in karma...
@5 but the truth is, many rapists do, and the image of them being boogeymen hiding in bathroom stalls needs to be obliterated moreso.
This story isn't new and shouldn't shock anyone because Kim Fowley was a notorious child rapist and pimp. I can't even believe you admit to being starstruck when meeting him. I love rock and roll but this story makes me sick and angry. Everyone who knew Kim was a rapist and let him get away with it (and let's face it there are too many people - he was never charged with any crime and never did any time) bears some responsibility. True evil is not the just the people who commit horrific crimes, but the people who stand around and let these crimes happen and do NOTHING.
This guy sounds like the Brian Epstein of punk:

In his autobiography, Best stated that Epstein drove them both to Blackpool one evening where Epstein expressed his "very fond admiration." Epstein then supposedly said, "Would you find it embarrassing if I ask you to stay in a hotel overnight?" Best replied that he was not interested, and the two never mentioned the incident again.…


The difference being of course, that Epstein never plied any of the Beatles with drugs and alcohol and them raped them - or anyone else, so far as I'm aware - especially in the presence of a dozen people who let him get away with it.

The Beatles were children at that time.

If you see fit to defend pedosexual rapists with waffling comments then I pity you, sir.

When the Beattles formed in 1960, John Lennon was 20 years old. Ringo was 20. Pete Best was 19. Paul McCartney was 18. And George Harrison was 17.

And Epstein never drugged nor rapped any of them.
@9/@11 why are you so fucking stupid?

Not to mention the fact that Epstein didn't even encounter them until late in 1961, so they were all roughly a year older at that point in time.
And of course, everyone but the dullest of simpletons knows Ringo didn't join the band until August of 1962, replacing Pete Best, who would have been 20 at the time Epstein became their manager.
Fowey always looked like a scary creep, but yesterday I was reminded of John Peel's transgressions. The BBC was nonce heaven.
@11: Pete Best was 18 when he joined the Beatles and was 20 when he left, as tkc and COMTE have pointed out. JBITSMFOTP
Stop comparing the drugging and rape of Jackie Fuchs to the Beatles. You're making me hate people. Unless I've missed that part of Beatles history.... In which case, point me to the lurid details.
This was a common occurrence in the 70s. Rock er guys with bravado to cheesy crap like Fowley raped young girls who were drunk or passed out all the time. I know. I lived it.

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