I have been oh so neglectful of Robbie Turner lately, and all I can say is FIE ON ME! She's a marvel, a minxy muse who has dazzled and adored us for so very long. It's just too easy to take what's good for granted. You may or may not know that tonight is her signature night at R Place. She took the slot formerly known as ASS (Amateur Strip Show, don't be rude), threw a bucket of glitter and a barnful of rainbows all over it, and turned it into something, well, filthy—but also quite fantabulous indeed. There will be, as mentioned (PAY ATTENTION!), the requisite strip show with exhibitionists culled from the crowd, "hot bod" contests (ooooh!), dancing, drinking, and no better chance or reason to get half naked in front of a room full of future ex-husbands. The whole package (pun intended) will be all wrapped up in Robbie's signature charm and style. R Place, 8 pm, free, 21+.



It's been two years too long since Butch Queen graced our ears, molested our hearts, and dazzled our eyeballs with its dark magics. However! There are two very important rules you must adhere to in order to even get through the godforsaken door—put some tape on your nipples and blue jeans are strictly forbidden! (The last misguided fool who tried to enter the unhallowed halls of the Mercury in denim is now decomposing in an oil barrel somewhere around Hanford.) Consider this night an opportunity to revel in dark and delicious fantasy and to twirl madly to the spinnings of the DJs Kid Amiga and RC Meow. This event is a fundraiser for the ever-amazing Gender Justice League, an organization and cause near and dear to all of our black little hearts. Mercury, 9 pm, $5–$7 (RSVP encouraged), 21+.



What a true treasure (a trueasure?) our darling Cherry Sur Bête has been. Have you heard those awful rumors that she's leaving us forever in favor of the wilds of Los Angeles or something? (Gurl, ain't you heard they're all out of water? Shoo...) Well, the rumors are all tragically 100 percent true. The inimitable Dita Sur Bête and her perfect eyebrows (who also plans to abandon us soon, sniff!), Tina Tokyo, and Kara Sutra Sur Bête will be sending her off with singular performances tonight, plus a final farewell from the lady of the hour herself. "It will be my last performance in Seattle for a while," she assures us. The event is put on by The Lady B, who tells us that VIP guests get seated up front, a poster signed by the cast, and lots of extra attention by hers truly, but only if you want it because "consent is sexy"! Au revoir, sweet Cherry! And may flights of fabulous demons wing thee to thy Los Angeles. Or something. Kremwerk, 8 pm, $10/$15 VIP, 21+. recommended