what? you haven't played them simultaneously? That's where it's at. Infinite variations, once in a lifetime harmonic convergences... no need to ever buy another record.

Plus Miles just make Lou sound good.

I loved and miss Lou.

Agharta and Pangaea are spectacular I listen to them all the time for decades now. Metal Machine Music is sarcastic, I love everything about Lou including that message but I don't need to listen to it to appreciate it.
The Miles album Jack Johnson also ranks up there with Agharta and Pangaea for a very hard rocking adventurous sound.
I love love love Miles's electric period. Can't get enough of In a Silent Way, On the Corner, Get Up With It, and Big Fun. But Agharta just doesn't do it for me, it's too murky, too overstuffed, too stompy/skronky. Like how when you mix all the paint colors together it doesn't become extra colorful, it just turns into a mess. I suppose all the shitty imitators that have come after it (with their tasteless combinations of jazz-funk noodling and hard rock style drumming) retroactively poisoned the album.

Metal Machine Music wasn't an artistic statement, it was a fuck-you to Lou Reed's record label because he wanted to get out of his recording contract.

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