Music Sep 2, 2015 at 4:00 am

TV Eye Hate You

Steven Weissman


What's a smartphone? Does it really somehow make you smarter?
I had KILLER seats to the Queen show last year and it astonished me that although Brian May was 10 to 15 feet away from us, everyone surrounding me preferred to watch it on their PHONES! You have to be a fool to think you can make a better movie than the pros and WHO CARES if your friends don't believe you when you say he was so close his sweat was dripping on you??? HEY FOLKS! HE'S RIGHT THERE! YOU CAN WATCH IT FOR REAL!
Best IA ever.
This is everywhere now.
This is really overblown. I doubt it's about proving you were somewhere - I never do that - I myself take a few pics and a couple of 30 second to a minute videos to remember the experience by, at pretty much every concert. I don't live through my phone, but I have a shit memory and often get a bit tipsy or high to relax at the show. Sometimes not, but either way I'm usually taken away by the music and miss out on details and forget a lot. If I want to preserve some memories, then I will. Sofuckingwhat? I paid for my little piece of real estate - usually on the floor - so deal with it. I don't hold my phone in front of your face, and I'd be putting my hands in the air either way.

Sure, the people that do it the whole time that are annoying, but they're not holding the camera in front of *your* face, it's in front of theirs, so what's the huge problem? They're the ones "missing out" or whatever it is you think. They are still there after all.

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