nice redesign, dispensing with that pesky tonearm.
I didn't realize they actually followed through with discontinuing Technics. At the time there was a lot of speculation that they weren't going to.

Not sure WTF is going on with that redesign (it's missing the EVERYTHING) but I'm more than pleased with the old version. I wouldn't change a thing.
Tone arm, speed adjustment, and power toggle switch sold separately
They're showing us a prototype without any of the parts other than the drive for a reason, you dingalings. Give it a little thought.

This is the component that they're going to use to justify charging $2000 for a turntable. At this point in their publicity campaign, they don't want the conversation derailed by a bunch of stereophile nerd catfighting about parts that can be swapped out easily for aftermarket replacements.
I'm gonna buy one, but *ironically*.
Bought mine summer 1978. Still runs like a top.
my 1600 is a pretty good deck.

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